The $5 Million Blogging Inspiration from Down Under

Today I heard about a blogger in Australia who has in just 2 years created a blog valued at $5 Million.

Alborz Fallah started in 2006 and has now turned it into a massive income stream. This is an amazing thing to do in such a short period of time. There is an audio interview with Alborz published by Yaro Starak online here.

It is people like Alborz that should be the inspiration for other Internet bloggers. Not only can you achieve great respect from your blog in such a short period of time, but you can help get your blog to the point where you can quit your job.

Another great inspiration is founder Arnold Kim. I picked up a post on ProBlogger the other day referring to a New York Times article reporting that Arnold Kim has just given up medicine to become a full-time blogger.

This was one of the most exciting stories I have heard. Mac Rumors, is a website which I have had great respect for. I must admit that I already believed the founder must have been working on the site full-time. It was a huge suprise to find out that he was only running the site part-time.

Not only does this story mean that people can make a living off blogging, but it also means that they can earn significant profit from their blog while only working part-time.

Don’t be afraid to take your blogging seriously. The ability is there so don’t be afraid to use it!

I hope you gain some inspiration from these bloggers!

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