Nick Vujicic’s Life Without Limbs – A True Inspiration

Tonight I was watching 60 minutes and one of the stories was on a guy by the name of Nick Vujicic.

From the outset Vujicic is not your ordinary guy. He was born without any arms or legs. A true medical mystery that has never been solved.

How any person could live though his condition and come out on top is amazing. But Vujicic has come out with flying colours. Not only is he living with his condition, but is living his life to the full. In fact he is doing more then most people.

Vujicic is an intensely powerful motivational speaker. He is using his disability as a tool to help others, and to promote his faith.

Just watching the story was really powerful. The determination and spirit displayed by Vujicic is something which I would love to possess.

You can watch the video below to find out more about Vujicic.

You can find out more about Vujicic at his website

Also check out the 60 minutes story No Limbs, No Limits.

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