How you can CHANGE your world TODAY!

Everyday I live life with the hope of doing something great. Starting the next Google. Running across Australia for charity. Saving the world from poverty. Finding a cure for cancer.

They are all great goals. However they are more a great vision. Something which I would want the world to be like if I could make it happen.

But how can I actually make a difference TODAY?

You might find yourself in the exact same situation as me. Most of the time we dream of achieving big goals and then become disappointed as we then realise we may not be able to achieve them. We think that a goal is too big for us to reach so we never begin to realise our dream.

While we believe we may never reach a goal, that does not mean we should not aim high. It’s great to have big dreams for the world. It’s like the saying goes that if you shoot for the moon and miss you will be among the stars. We need to dream big!

Ok… so what does BIG dreams have to do with changing the world?

The answer is everything! Changing the world is a process.

The process of changing the world

I don’t mean a process in the sense that you have to go though a ten step procedure religiously. However I do mean a simple process by which you can shape your thinking.

If you want to change the world, and believe you can, then anything is possible!

So how do you change your thinking?

The first thing is to write down your goals and split them into manageable chunks. While your overall vision might be one of mammoth proportions, making your goal local, making it personal, allows you to gain inspiration to achieve a larger goal. Your vision might be to find a cure for cancer, however the first step might be to raise $5,000 to fund cancer research.

Once you know what your first local goal is, begin to act on it. Changing the enitre world starts with changing the world in which you live. It is about impacting the people who you interact with on a daily basis. Find a way to achieve your small goals. If you begin to achieve your small goals, others in your world will begin to feel inspired.

Once you have started to make a difference, think about moving to your larger goal. Start to move towards impacting more people. If you begin to make a difference, others will follow! If you start to change your world, gradually the entire world will change!

Changing the world is not difficult. So start TODAY!

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