10 years of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra… The health benefits are amazing

When I was younger I was always told to eat my greens. However it seems that members of Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra may have missed that vital message.

If you did not pick up by the name, the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is an orchestra which plays on instruments made from vegetables. They have it all from the pepper trumpet, to the leek violin, to the cucumberphone.

They also claim to not be limited by musical style, and in fact one of the members has been quoted as saying their style was – ‘electronic organic music’.

Each show they perform apparently requires 70 kg of fresh organic produce. They then carve out the instruments for each concert. Thats quite an effort!

Anyway, this year is their 10th birthday. I wonder if they have spun out a great rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ yet.

Check out the video! It’s pretty amazing if you ask me!

Photo credit, Nickwheeleroz

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