Taking It To The Big Guys – Smash Lab’s Open Letter To Discovery

Remember SmashLAB? They’re the Canadian design guys who are behind the new social media site MakeFive. Well it appears that Discovery has created a TV show with the same name and really annoyed them.

Normally this would just frustrate a business owner and leave them helpless. (I know this for a fact as I had the name of this website stolen from me by a Collagen Company with not many options available to me.) However when you add it to the fact that Discovery’s Smash Lab has received plenty of Negative PR and the fact that SmashLAB has been around since 2000, (well before the Discovery show), you can start to understand the potential issues here.

The great thing is though that smashLAB is not sitting around doing nothing. They are standing up for their name! They have written an open letter to Discovery and posted it on Smash Lab Sucks (http://www.smashlabsucks.com/).

I really admire what these guys are doing. They deserve to have an open apology from Discovery!

If you want to support the guys in their effort against Discovery head to Smash Lab Sucks and Digg It or stumble it. You can also follow along on their twitter account @smashlabsucks.

UPDATE: It now seems that TechCrunch has got into the action. Check out their article here.

If Discovery would like to respond to the comments made of them they can contact me by emailing blog at enspri dot com.

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