About Enspri

Welcome to Enspri! This is a place to discuss all people, ideas, products, and technology that have been promoted as inspirational, revolutionary, or just being positive for the world.

The face behind the name

My name is Kristofor Lawson, I’m a video journalist and the face behind Enspri. I run a podcast studio called Lawson Media and also co-host an innovation podcast called Moonshot.

Why Enspri?

In late 2004 I decided to register a domain name to promote a web design business I was starting. After much deliberation I decided that I wanted to have a name that had meaning. While talking to a friend I started to play around with a few name combinations until I settled on Enspri. It was a play on words from ‘Inspired Thinking’, which I changed to ‘Enspired Thinking’, which became ‘Enspri’. This website has changed faces many times, it even died for a period of time while I moved servers and forgot to upgrade my old WordPress install and then couldn’t recover it, however I’ve decided to revive it with a selection of the old posts and a bunch of new ones.

How will Enspri be different?

I want Enspri to be positive and reliable source on information on the Internet. I will cover the issues and topics which I feel are really important in the world, and will also endeavour to promote charities and people who help inspire others. If you know of anyone who is making a positive influence in the world, please send a message to me on Twitter, or through the contact form on this website and tell me about them. While I can’t promise to blog about them, I will definitely consider it.