Fight From Within: A Small Papers Dream To Stay Alive Is Over

Journalists from all over the world know the impact which the current economy is having on local papers. Even without the credit crisis, newspapers have been struggling in an endless battle with online news and social media. Publications which have been institutions in their communities have been shutting down left, right and centre. Major newspapers like the New York Times are even becoming at risk of closure if they don’t start to increase revenue.

When any newspaper shuts down its a sad event, however even more so for the readership of the Rocky Mountain News. The Rocky Mountain News shut its doors on Friday after 149 years and 311 days! Just 44 days shy of it’s 150 year anniversary! This is a great loss for Denver, and for the journalism industry as a whole. Many news sources including online blogs have voiced their sadness at this loss.

However the Rocky Mountain News did not go down without a fight. The staff did everything they could to prevent the closure. Check out this very moving video which details the final days in the lead-up to the closure.