Taking It To The Big Guys – Smash Lab’s Open Letter To Discovery

Remember SmashLAB? They’re the Canadian design guys who are behind the new social media site MakeFive. Well it appears that Discovery has created a TV show with the same name and really annoyed them.

Normally this would just frustrate a business owner and leave them helpless. (I know this for a fact as I had the name of this website stolen from me by a Collagen Company with not many options available to me.) However when you add it to the fact that Discovery’s Smash Lab has received plenty of Negative PR and the fact that SmashLAB has been around since 2000, (well before the Discovery show), you can start to understand the potential issues here.

The great thing is though that smashLAB is not sitting around doing nothing. They are standing up for their name! They have written an open letter to Discovery and posted it on Smash Lab Sucks (http://www.smashlabsucks.com/).

I really admire what these guys are doing. They deserve to have an open apology from Discovery!

If you want to support the guys in their effort against Discovery head to Smash Lab Sucks and Digg It or stumble it. You can also follow along on their twitter account @smashlabsucks.

UPDATE: It now seems that TechCrunch has got into the action. Check out their article here.

If Discovery would like to respond to the comments made of them they can contact me by emailing blog at enspri dot com.

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The Top Ten Apple Commercials Ever Made

Apple have just released yet another instalment to the Get a Mac ads and it got me thinking. There are some really cool commercials that Apple have been made recently, and there are some brilliant commercials from the past, but which are the best? Which are the ads that get people thinking about Apple??

I went for a search to find the answer and here are my top ten Apple commercials of all time! Let me know what you think. Do you agree with my list?

10. 1984

Many Apple fans love this commercial, but personally I don’t think it deserves the right to be the best mac ad ever. It is the kind of ad you would run once and then would be put in the vault, which is exactly what Apple did with it. It is a great ad, but not the best. It doesn’t pull at emotions and is aimed at a tech crowd.

9. MacBook Air

I love this ad for a few reasons. Firstly the MacBook air is a cool looking product. Whether you like its features or not, it just looks cool. Secondly the application of fitting the MacBook Air into an everyday file which people use in their office was ingenious.

8. “Crocodile” Apple Ad

This ad showcases the speed and power of the early Apple computers when in difficult situations. The scenario is a flooded office filled with alligators and crocodiles.

7. I don’t know anything about computers

In this ad you start to see the Mac vs PC debate in full swing. Apple made it clear that Mac’s were easy to use compared to the complicated PC. In fact this ad implies that it is easier to learn 7 languages than learn to understand a PC. That’s why this ad has made the Top Ten.

6. iPod 123 Commercial

This ad is characteristic of all the recent iPod commercials. It focuses the viewer on the great music and the experience of having an iPod. It deserves a top 10 spot.

5. The Internet – What would you do?

This ad asks a class of students the question of ‘what would you do to change the world?’ Using their mac computers the students are able to share with others around the planet. This ad is a light hearted but yet somewhat serious ad.

4. Macintosh Industrial Revolution

This is a powerful ad for the Macintosh. It is delivered as a moving speech to a class of students. The key line is ‘This is an exciting time to be alive”. It is well made, well built, and every bit a powerful ad.

3. I’m a Mac and I’m a PC

These ads include many of the best ads Apple has made. They are humorous, light hearted, simple, and yet have Microsoft spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to counteract them. Personally I love the Bean Counter ad, but they are all great!

2. iMac Window Shopping

This is one of the funniest mac ads around. A guy walks up to a window and looks at the iMac G4, which takes on a personality giving a hilarious exchange. I love the fact this ad uses humour to portray the cool factor of the design.

1. Think Different

This has to be one of the best commercials ever made. It is a tribute to everyone in the world who is crazy enough to believe they can change the world. It is set to some brilliant music, and is sure to set spirits high. I believe this is the best ad Apple has ever made!

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The Coffee Cup Zoom Lens – The Perfect Shot!

This has to be the coolest design for a coffee cup ever. It’s only a concept at the moment, but I think it would have a real shot (pun intended) at success. I’m a keen photographer, and I would be one of the first in line to buy one of these if they ever hit the market.

While it is only a concept, I could see a market for these in future years as your Nikon Nikkor lenses start to break down. It would be a great way to recycle the lenses.

Even if you are not a keen photographer, I think you might still want to get one. How else could you get yourself perfect shot of coffee in the morning 😛

[via Gizmodo]

TechCrunch hits 1 million subscribers! – Congrats!

Super popular technology blog TechCrunch has announced that they have reached over 1 million RSS subscribers!

Michael Arrington made the announcement on the site.

This is a massive milestone for the blog considering it has only been around for just over 3 years! Such a brilliant achievement in such a short space of time!

The blogs achievements provide great inspiration for me here on Enspri! I hope that one day soon I can be a fraction of the blog that TechCrunch is.

Congratulations TechCrunch!

Steve Jobs – Cancer Surviver and the man behind Apple

Even if you have never heard of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, you will most probably be familiar with many products the Apple CEO has announced.

As you walk through your local city streets you will likely see many people focused on a seemingly invisible sound coming from the trademark white headphones made famous by the ever popular iPod. Even the Queen has purchased an iPod. It seems that every product Apple has produced in the past several years has produced an almost dream ride for the tech company. Everyone wants a bite from Apple.

Image courtesy Sigalakos

While the tech company may be soaring high there have been many recent reports surrounding Jobs’ recent health. Ever since Apple held it’s World Wide Developer Conference rumors have been running wild about Jobs’ health due to his appearing slimmer than usual.

The rumor was that Jobs might have cancer. These rumors have since been quashed by New York Times Journalist Joe Nocera who had received a phone call from Jobs’ rejecting the claim. Either way there is no real concern for Apple supporters, because Jobs has been there before.

What many people don’t know, is that Steve Jobs has previously had Pancreatic Cancer. Back in 2004 Jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of the cancer and given only 6 months to live. The cancer was a rare form which was operable and not only is Jobs still around but for the most part has been fighting fit.

Jobs success in recent years is therefore not just extraordinary but it is absolutely remarkable. It is an inspiration to everyone. Jobs continued to work throughout his cancer and never told staff until after he was cured. He did not let his cancer stop his life.

So regardless of if you think Apple produces excellent products, there is a lot of inspiration behind this fruit company.