Learning How To Think Small Again

A good book is like nothing else. There are so many books released every year that it can often be hard to find a good one which stands out from the rest. I believe that I now have a great book to tell you about.

Today I had the pleasure of reading the first chapter of an upcoming book called Speak Human – Outmarket the Big Guys by Getting Personal. Its written by Eric Karjaluoto from smashLAB, the design company that pulled the great stunt on Discovery a while back, and the creators of MakeFive. Eric also blogs about designs and brands on his site ideasonideas.com.

Speak Human focuses on the idea of getting personal with your business. Eric rightly draws attention to the idea that the culture of businesses are lost as they become bigger. Some companies are able to survive without being personal, but as Eric points out this is not always a positive thing for a business.

From what I have read so far this will be a really exciting book to read, especially for anyone who is currently either running or thinking of a running a business. Immediately it captured my imagination and made me think about how I would want any future company of mine to operate.

While I have only read the first chapter, I must say it left me wanting to read more! It takes someone with a lot of knowledge and experience to write about what could be such a boring topic in a way that can keep me entertained. Without giving too much away, in the first chapter Eric starts to look at Starbucks, the coffee store which became a massive empire only to recently axe many of its stores. He covers many aspects of the company, but in particular the lose of culture as the company expanded. Its a great case study that will be good for anyone in business to read.

It’s hard to give a full review without having read the whole book, but so far I like Speak Human and have already put my name down on pre order. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the final book, which should be printed and on sale very soon.

If you want to pre order Speak Human, and I highly recommend you do, just head to www.speakhuman.com.